Exercise haters: follow these steps for a healthy and disease-free life

Not all people are fond of exercising, and for those there are still a few ways they could make things a little easy


The pandemic was a time that made people realize the importance of remaining at the pink of health to maintain immunity so they could ward off any kind of infections. While a number of people turned in to health freaks, there are still many of them who might not be very fond of sweating it out at the gym or working out hard. Although there are no alternatives for exercise, but there are a few smart ways that can be adopted.

1. Follow a break up routine – For majority of the healthy adults, there are two kinds of exercises – Aerobic and strength training. You can break up your exercise routine between the two and spend at least a few minutes on an every day basis. You do not have to clock your timings but do some activity on an everyday basis.

2. Follow Pomodoro Technique – It is an effective time management technique that allows people to complete time within the time that they have. This technique helps to put your entire focus on work and increases your efficiency. This allows to take periodical breaks that can be used for anything including working out.

3. Make the most of the week-end – Now that the weekend is yours, make sure that instead of being sedentary, you can burn out a little extra during the weekends.

4. Make your body move as you like – You do not have to mandatorily go to the gym but if you like to dance you can make your body move in the way that you like.

5. Remind yourself that sedentary lifestyle is bad – A sedentary lifestyle can invite a number of health issues. The work-from-home trend could be convenient but not very good for the overall health.

6. Move as much as you can – Make sure that you are moving your body as much as you can. It could be getting up to drink a glass of water instead of having a bottle of water by your side.

Photo Credits: Pixabay