5 Easy ways to naturally improve haemoglobin levels

Deficiency of Haemoglobin can mostly be treated naturally with a few lifestyle changes


Low count of haemoglobin is a common problem that is found in women. It is a protein that is rich in iron and is found in red blood cells that help to carry oxygen throughout the body and helps to maintain optimal metabolic function. If the haemoglobin count goes down then it could result in a condition known as anaemia that is caused by deficiency of iron. In majority of the cases the low haemoglobin levels can be treated with a few simple lifestyle changes. Here are a few ways you can improve the iron-rich protein naturally.

1. Watch your diet – Make sure that you consume iron rich foods, vitamin C and folic acid. Seasonal leafy green vegetables , whole grains, almonds, dates, beans, yoghurt, chicken, seafood and whole eggs contain iron. Consumption of vitamin C helps towards absorption of iron in the body.

2. Perform high intensity exercises – Apart from the regular exercises, it is good to perform high-intensity exercises that helps in blood circulation in the body. People who have low haemoglobin levels can perform such exercises that can help to maintain the immune system.

3. Drink water in copper vessels – Water stored for up to 12 hours in a copper vessel can be consumed as it provides the essential nutrients and helps to improve iron levels. It also helps in improving the digestive health and improves body metabolism.

4. Do not consume foods that block iron – Yes there are certain types of foods that block the consumption of iron in the body and include too much consumption of milk and cheese, caffeine, soda, coffee and alcohol. Also make sure to reduce the consumption of gluten based products.

5. Consume herbal teas – Some of the herbal tea preparations contain iron for instance, dandelion, red raspberry leaf, nettles and yellow dock are enriched in iron content and also contain other nutrients like Vitamin A, C, K and calcium.

Photo Credits: Pixabay