Habits that McDonald’s employees might not like

McDonald’s employees work hard to churn or the orders coming in but a few habits of the customers could make them restless


Fastfood chain McDonald’s is known for its food across the globe. The place is usually busy and you need to be quick while ordering your meal. While you might step up to be polite and helpful by doing certain things, but there are a few habits of the customers that might not be really convenient for the employees behind the counter. Here are a few habits that the McDonald’s employees might not like.

1. Not being specific with your order – Overcomplicated orders can be inconvenient for the employees working up with the order. When you are not so specific, it might slow down the line and make other customers in the line impatient.

2. Ordering too many meals at the drive-thru – The Drive-thru line is expected to be quick for orders and people here are expected to be fast. Avoid ordering meals for a baseball team from a drive-thru as it might slow down things.

3. Asking for the ‘usual’ order – If the person at the counter is familiar with you, it is OK, but not everyone at the counter might know your ‘usual’ preferences. Make sure that you are specific about what you are ordering.

4. Leaving a tip – While it is generous of the customer to leave a tip, but the website of McDonald’s has clearly mentioned that the tips are not accepted at the McDonald’s restaurant. You can instead show your appreciation with a friendly ‘thank you’ or tell the manager that you liked the service.

5. Asking for order suggestions – The employees are usually in a hurry and want to move the line as quickly as possible. While it could be harmless to ask what is good, but it could leave the cashier restless and could also slow down the line.

6. Going back for condiments – it is OK to ask for condiments with your meals, but make sure that you tell them while ordering. Coming back to get them, can interrupt with the work flow and slow down the line.

Photo Credits: Pixabay