Secrets of Anti-ageing that will add years to your life

Anti-ageing has become a fancy word but is meaningful as people look forward towards their health


Anti-ageing is no rocket science and is simple common sense and a few simple habits that need to be replaced with the unhealthy ones. Although majority of the tips that we are going to discuss, are known by everyone. The point is to actually work on those points to make things happen in your favour. But still to make it easier, here are a few secrets that you could follow on an everyday basis to add years to your life.

1. Cut on sugar – Sugar is the main enemy of health. Although you need not cut sugar completely from your diet, but just make a few changes. For instance you can reduce half a spoon of sugar from your tea or coffee and cut on the carbonated sugary drinks.

2. Add some color to your food – No we are not talking about adding edible food color, but to add some colorful fruits and vegetables that are seasonal. Eating seasonal is the best thing that you can do to your health.

3. Get rid of some stress – Like we have discussed before, it is not always possible to get rid of the stress completely. But you can take a few steps like spending time in exercise, meditation and sharing thoughts with a friend.

4. Get some vitamin D – Vitamin D deficiency is linked with a number of age-related diseases. Make sure that you spend at least 20 minutes in early morning sunlight to absorb the natural Vitamin D.

5. Jump – Make sure that you jump 50 times or do jumping jacks 30 times, three sets per day. It helps to strengthen your bones and spinal discs

6. Walk – Make sure that you walk for at least 20 minutes per day. Leading a sedentary lifestyle can invite a number of age-related diseases and conditions.

7. Get some good sleep – Having a good sleep helps to reduce the stress and also reduces the risk of developing chronic conditions that is associated with stress.

Photo Credits: Pixabay