5 Things not to do on social media

Social media is a platform that should be responsibly used by the users

social media

The social media is an empowering platform that helps people to communicate better, keep in touch and indeed to get back to your old friends that you have been left behind long back. But the generation has changed and there are a number of people who misuse the platform for their own gains or use it as a means to judge others. Here we will be discussing about a few things that you should never indulge in on a social media platform.

1. Do not get too personal – Be careful when you are posting on the social media. Many times the recruiters search for their social media accounts to check their backgrounds. If they find anything shady, then it might even affect the person being hired.

2. Never publicly criticize a friend – Never post about parenting styles towards a friend, a sibling or anyone else publicly. It is OK if it is only between you two, but some people can get really offended.

3. Never fish for customers – There are many people who look out for customers online. Do not clutter people’s feed with advertisements as there are all the chances that you might get unfriended.

4. Do not beg for attention – Do not ever grab attention on social media. Certain posts like ‘Why did this happen to me?” or “ This is the worst day of my life” are pathetic attempts to garner attention.

5. Do not fake book – Do not make a fake account and present yourself that you are not. Using Facebook to present yourself with the best of pictures and in a favourable light is not wrong, but one has to remember that social media is about highlighting your strengths and the good things that are happening in your life. All upbeat posts and happy photos can make you feel that your life does not measure up. Such a practice is known as fakebooking.

Photo Credits: Pixabay