5 Trends we are happy to leave behind as we look forward to 2022

As we look forward to 2022, there are a number of trends that people would be happy to leave behind


The beginning of the coronavirus pandemic brought a number of trends and were all named as the ‘new normal’ life. After facing the crunch for nearly two years, the hardships are slowly but steadily fading away. With a few trends that had become mandatory and unavoidable could no longer exist in near future, if things go as planned. Here are some of the trends that we would be happy to leave away as we move on in 2022.

1. Delays in shipments – If you were not among those who did not face the grunt of the delayed shipments, then you should consider yourself as lucky. Shortage of truck drivers, backed up ports and more such issues related to COVID had become a common phenomenon. But here after hopefully we will not be facing any such issues as things begin to sort.

2. Distance learning – Distance learning is still prevalent but is the need of the time. While it is not the problem with the adults, but distance learning is a problem with children as they find it difficult to concentrate. Hopefully in the near future, the problem would be left behind.

3. Stock issues – The problem of the basics not available at the grocery stores was common and it was again blamed on the delayed logistics and shortage due to high demand. Hopefully these problems would be resolved in future. Some of the top products that faced a shortage include pet products, clothing, sporting goods, electronics and baby products.

4. Virtual meetings – The peak COVID pandemic saw personal as well as professional virtual meetings. While the virtual meetings seemed convenient for many, but the personal virtual meetings broke many hearts as they would not see each other in person on important days like festivals.

5. Sanitizer burns – There was a time when constant use of hand sanitizers tool a toll on the skin. Many people especially health care workers suffered sanitizer burns on their hands caused by constant use of hand sanitizers.

Photo Credits: Pixabay