Factors that can be unhealthy for newly-weds

A few things can break things between newly-weds and crumble things before they celebrate their first anniversary


The first year of marriage for all the newly-weds is always crucial. This is the time when the couple get to know about the ground reality of their partners and try to make the adjustments as per the situation. Some manage to swim and cross, but some crumble. Here we will be discussing about few things that can make things tricky for a relationship. Newly-weds can keep note of a few things as they go through the first year of their marriage.

1. Picking up fights – A partner can have the tendency of picking up a fight just became they did not approve of a few things. The problem here is communication which is crucial. If a partner does not approve of certain things, then they can communicate and let them know that they did not like it instead of being grumpy.

2. Dishonesty – One has to be honest to their spouses and there should not be any space for diplomacy. Dishonesty can make a relationship sour. No matter how long you keep things inside of you, your partner will soon find out. And when that happens, there are chances that your partner would find it tough to trust your next time.

3. Constant complaining – Adjustments is the second name for marriage. The couple has to strive and make adjustments as per the situation, or they might never be able to find a balance. Constant complaining can nag your partner and upset them.

4. Demanding – There is nothing wrong in having expectations from your partner, but the question is how prepared or equipped is the partner to fulfill those expectations. Forcing your partner towards fulfilling certain things can upset them and make them feel pressured. Talk to your partner and find out a third way.

Note – Make every day of your marriage a day of understanding and make sure that you are communicating well which is the key for a successful marriage.

Photo Credits: Pixabay