8 Unexpected items that chefs toss in a microwave

A few chefs have often confessed that they have tossed a few unexpected food items in their home microwave to make them taste better


A microwave is indeed a very useful appliance found in almost every household. However, majority of the chefs never admit that they too use one. This is usually not expected as they are expected to cook professionally. There are also some of the chefs who have said that they make it a point to not have microwaves on-site. But what goes inside their house is often a different story. Here are some of the food items that they toss in to their home microwave.

1. Grilled cheese sandwiches – Tossing a grilled cheese sandwich first in the microwave and then putting them in to the grill takes much less time then only going the grill way.

2. Old Pasta – Old pasta when microwaved can make it new and fresh. Although freshly tossed pasta on the pan with butter does give you a different feel, but microwaved pasta does not make it feel any different.

3. Milk – Another much easier and a quick way to heat milk for your cereal. While a number of parents might prefer the conventional way of using a stove top, but using a microwave to heat milk is a fast process.

4. Birthday Cake – It is a good idea to heat birthday cake in a microwave to make it fresh and cozy on a cold winter night.

5. Brown sugar – While some might microwave chocolate, hardened brown sugar can be made soft quickly in a microwave. It just takes 30 seconds and it is ready.

6. Bread pudding – Warming up the deserts for a few seconds in microwave, can make it taste like heaven. Bread pudding when cold can taste a lot different.

7. Spinach – Cooking spinach in a microwave is a great idea. It tastes much fresher than the traditional spinach cooked on a stove top.

8. Sponge cake – A sponge cake can be made more spongy and soft when tossed in the microwave for a few seconds.

Photo Credits: Pixabay