6 Ways to inspire mannerisms in children

Parents often struggle to include mannerisms in children but a few ways can make it easy


Children grow up watching what they see around them. Since their parents and other family members are constantly around them, they are the only ones who can influence. Good manners also come from people around them and parents have a bigger responsibility towards this. That does not mean that you need to sit down with them and take a class of it on an everyday basis. All you need to do is to set an example yourself and your child will automatically follow. Here are a few ways you can inspire mannerisms in your children as parents.

1. Greet your children – When you enter the house after a long day, sure you might be tired, but make sure that you are smiling and greet them with all your love and affection. This will help to develop the sense of love and self-worth.

2. Be good to your neighbors –Make sure that you are polite and friendly with your neighbors. Also when you are driving , never talk ill about other drivers around you on the road. It is possible that your children could pick up those words and absorb and at some point they could also apply the same.

3. Encourage them to talk to your parents – When you are talking to your parents, make sure that you make your children talk to them as well. Also when you visit your parents, take your children along. Your children need to learn about how you take care of your parents.

4. Talk about lessons – When you are driving your children to school, instead of playing songs or music, you tell them inspirational stories yourself. This has a greater impact on the children.

5. Read them short stories– Many times stories inspire children to create strong bonds ad have wonderful memories.

6. Remain clean and presentable at home – Even if you are at home, make sure that you are all dressed up, clean and presentable. It will inspire them to be clean and make them realize that being dressed and tidy has nothing to do with going out.

Photo Credits: Pixabay