6 Polite habits that might not be appreciated by the restaurant staffers

The restaurant staffers are dwelled in a particular system and being polite by the guest can make their job harder


It is great to be polite and helpful towards the staff members at a restaurant where you have decided to dine. But not many realize that you might actually be making things tough for them instead of being helpful. Here is a list of things that you need to avoid doing while at a restaurant.

1. Allow the servers to do their job – When you are at a restaurant, make sure that you are not interfering at what they are doing. It is their job to be accommodating and that is what they are trained for.

2. Finding a seat yourself – If the hostess is busy, then do not try to find a seat yourself thinking you are helping them. The host has to take care about the seating arrangements of the tables and place the guests as per their convenience. It helps the restaurant to run smoothly. Always wait for a minute or two for the hostess to allot a table.

3. Stacking plates – The server has a system to clear the table. While they might not mind you stacking up the plates, but it is better to leave it for them to handle in their own way. They prefer to leave your elbows off the table as well.

4. Pushing the plates away – While it could indicate that the servers can clear the table, but it creates more clutter and makes them harder to reach. It is best to let them know that you are done.

5. Ordering from another server – If you are not able to find the waiter attending you then you could be tempted to order from another waiter. But it could make it tough for your waiter while making the final bill. Be a little patient and find the waiter attending you.

6. Cleaning up after an accident – There could be times when you might have dropped your glass of wine. The last thing the server wants is to pick up the pieces of glass. Just an apology is enough and they will take care of it.

Photo Credits: Pixabay