McDonald’s to offer free breakfast meals for teachers

McDonald’s to honor the efforts of teachers by offering free breakfast for four days


Fast food giant McDonald’s is ready to honor the educators throughout the United States for the entire week. The giant will be giving away free breakfast for the teachers for five days. The free meal will be for the teachers, administrators and school staff. McDonald’s has named it as the free ‘Thank You Meal’ from October 11, 2021 at the participating restaurants across the nation during the breakfast hours. Teachers, school staff members and the administrators who would want to have a free breakfast at McDonalds will have to show a valid work ID that will be served in the classic Happy Meal box.

The receivers will have a choice of hash browns, one entre and a beverage. The new program by the fast food giant has been inspired by the appreciation campaigns that have been earlier run by other restaurants. It is also a follow up to the ‘Thank You Meals’ for the first responders campaign held in 2020. The Thank You appreciation meals were first launched by McDonalds in 2020 which was during the early days of the coronavirus pandemic. The campaign was run for two weeks and the giant gave out nearly 12 million meals for the health care workers, police officers, paramedics and firefighters.

Jennifer Healen, the vice president of the company’s marketing , engagement and brand content during an interview said that they wanted to build the new campaign on the old idea and thank the educators in the communities for all that they have been doing. Healen added that it is a gesture from McDonald’s to day Thank You.

The campaign will run from October 11 to 15, 2021 and the company has said that the educators will have to show a valid ID card at the drive-thrus or at the counters. There will be a limit of one per person during the breakfast hours that usually ends at 10:30 am.

Photo Credits: Pixabay