What are leave-in conditioners and what are its benefits

Leave-in conditioners have become popular and have a number of benefits


There are a number of leave-in products that are available in the market. One of the most trending is the leave-in hair conditioner. This product allows the user to apply the conditioner after a hair wash session, on damp hair. The product can be left on the hair and need not be rinsed unlike the traditional hair conditioner that has to be rinsed off. Such products provide extra moisture to the hair and protect it from damage and helps to detangle.

How to use a leave-in hair conditioner


1. After you have applied shampoo to the hair, rinse it off properly
2. After coming out of the shower, gently pat-dry the hair with a soft towel to remove any excess water.
3. Apply small amount of leave-in conditioner to the hair length.
4. Brush your hair to detangle it.
5. Allow your hair to dry naturally.

Benefits of applying leave-in hair conditioner

1. Deals with dry and frizzy hair – Leave-in conditioner is best for people who have to deal with dry and frizzy hair. It provides all the essential moisture and prevents the hair from further damage. You can apply some of the product to the affected area also for best results.

2. Protects from damage from heating – Using such products create a protective layer on the hair shafts. It can be applied just before you are styling the hair with heat tools like hair dryers, curlers or straighteners.

3. Good for color-treated hair – You can look for leave-in conditioners that have been made specifically for color-treated hair. They provide the right kind of protection and prevent any damage. Colored hair is often prone to damage by sunlight, dust or heat.

4. Gives volume to fine hair – People who have fine hair can apply the product to the ends of the hair so it weighs down while making it look heavy with volume.

Photo Credits: Pixabay