6 Unnecessary things that will seldom be used for the baby

There are a number of things that we tend to buy for the babies but are hardly used


When a baby is born parents, especially the first-time ones are excited and would want to get everything that is best for the baby. From new clothes, blankets, toys, baby gear, baby products, cribs and everything the baby market is flooded with. While we buy everything that might seem essential, there are also a number of things that you would end up not using them. So here is a warning and a list of things that you would end up not using them and would result in a complete waste of money.

1. Thousands of blankets – Every time you step in to a store, you would find a cozy and a pleasant looking blanket that you would be tempted to buy. These blankets get accumulated and are never used and you would end up wasting a lot of money.

2. Bedding sets – These look cute but always come with cot bumpers that are dangerous ad should never be used on a baby’s cot, sheets or duvet covers at least until they are 12 months old. You would end up paying a lot of money.

3. Baby Toys – Babies are very small and are happy when a teether or even a wooden spoon. They seldom get bored and do not need a truck filled with toys. They grow fast and their toy needs also change very fast. Make sure that you buy things as per their needs like a walker or a stroller.

4. Impractical baby clothes – The store often displays some cute clothes that cannot be washed and only dry cleaned. Such clothes make the babies uncomfortable and are seldom used.

5. Electric bottle warmer – It is actually a fancy thing that hardly gets used. Popping the milk bottle in a hot water jug is a quicker and easier process.

6. A bath robe – These are NEVER used and could only be used for a photo shoot. It will remain in the wardrobe forever.

Photo Credits: Pixabay