Catch early signs of anxiety and know how to deal with it

Anxiety shows some early signs and there are also ways to deal with it on your own


Anxiety does not appear overnight. It is the frustration that keeps building up inside you and comes out with an explosion without warning. But such an outbreak could be avoided if you keep addressing a few things and focus a little on yourself. COVID-19 has made things worse for a number of people and the cases of depression and anxiety are high. Many people fail to understand the signs of anxiety. Here are a few expert points that can help you to catch the early signs of anxiety.

1. Physiological signs – The body gives a different response to situations. Certain situations could trigger your nervous system that could increase your heart beats, increased breathing and this is when the body prepares to escape. There could also be times when you could lose the ability to relax and also experience disturbances in sleep.

2. Behavioral signs – There could be times when you would become extremely careful while fearing a catastrophe. You could also constantly seek reassurance and could also end up avoiding certain situations that you would prefer to avoid.

3. Negative thoughts – You can also get extreme negative thoughts when you are conscious. For instance, you could think about the death of a very close person, or you could get ideas of collapsing suddenly.

4. Affective – There could also be times when you could develop a fear for something or a situation, be irritated easily or undergo an emotional wave that would find you in a situation you are not in control of.

Ways to deal with it

1. Deep breathing – one of the very simple ways to deal with it is to relax and start deep breathing. Try Abdominal breathing.

2. Try labeling of thoughts – When you have such negative thoughts you can label those thoughts as just a thought and not a fact.

3. Affirmations – Repetition of affirmations help to deal with the situation with ease. For instance you can repeat the sentence β€œI am calm”.

Photo Credits: Pixabay