Traits that children tend to learn from adults

Children pick up quickly from what they see around them and make it a habit for future


Children are like the state of liquid, as they take the shape of the container in which you wish to pour them in. Apart from your inputs in to the child, they are also good observers and try to behave the way you live on an everyday basis. Yes you are being observed and monitored constantly by your children, who are on a learning phase and pick up your traits. Here are some of the things that your children learn from you.

1. The way you manage finances – If you have the habit of spending recklessly and are in deep debts, there are chances that your children might also pick up your trait in to their adult phase. They could also live in debt when they grow up.

2. The way you treat their mother – You might not realize that your children are observing you. If you are loving and kind towards their mother, your kid would observe this and do the same with their partners when they grow up. But if you are rude to their mother, then there are all the chances that your kid might also treat their partners the same way in future.

3. The way you treat other people – Mistreating people, or using people for your personal gains is a trait that cloud be observed by your children. Similarly, the way you treat the waiter or janitors is being observed by your children.

4. The discipline you live your life – There are some of the simplest habits like picking up things, keeping the home clean, being systematic in every work you do. These are all the habits that are usually picked up by children around you.

5. Your generosity – The habits of giving away to a charity, a homeless person or for the stray animals searching for food is also being observed by your kids and these are the traits that they could pick up when they grow up.

The idea is to set an example yourself and your child will follow your footsteps.

Photo Credits: Pixabay