6 Unknown uses of a microwave

The Microwave was invented by Percey Spencer in 1946 and has today become one of the most used appliances in the world


Microwave ovens are often used for heating food, grilling or baking cakes. But the device can do a number of things beyond baking, heating and grilling. Here we will be discussing about a few basic things that are often done in the kitchen and can also be done by the microwave and save time.

1. Steam potatoes – When compared to other vegetables, potatoes take a longer time to cook. But they can be steamed in a microwave. Just chop them in to a bowl with some water and microwave it for two to three minutes. Strain the water and it is ready to be used for cooking.

2. Peel garlic – Peeling garlic is one of the most tedious jobs of the kitchen. You just have to toss the garlic cloves in to the microwave for ten seconds and the pods can be taken out easily.

3. Onion chopping without crying – Chopping onions can be tough as the juices makes your eyes watery. You just need to peel them and put it in to the microwave for 30 seconds. You will be able to chop them without any tear shed.

4. Disinfect the kitchen scrubs – Kitchen scrubs are often filled with bacteria and filth. You can disinfect the sponges, wipes and dusters and dip them in a bowl of water that has some vinegar and lemon juice. Put the bowl in the device for a minute to make them bacteria and germ free.

5. Keep your spices fresh – moisture in the weather can make your spices soggy and they could also lose their flavor. Microwave these spices for just 15 to 20 seconds and you will have your spices fresh and new.

6. Get more juice from citrus fruits – Lemons and oranges can be more pulpy by tossing them in to the microwave for 20 seconds. It makes them softer and allows you to squeeze more juice out of it than usual.

Photo Credits: Pixabay