A complete guide on how often you should get things cleaned

Getting the house cleaned is necessary for every house hold and here is a complete guide on how often you need to get things done


Cleaning is an essential part of life. Apart from maintaining personal hygiene, it is also important to get your house cleaned. There are a number of things that needs to be taken care of in the house. Some need every day attention, while some could be done annually, bi-annually or monthly. Here we will be discussing about how often you should clean up different things in the house.

1. Everyday cleaning
You do not have to spend polishing and dusting every day and every week, but some of the basic things need every day attention.
a. Wiping sinks
b. Washing dishes
c. Wiping bathroom floors
d. And put away the everyday things at their respective places when you are done using them.
e. Emptying trash
These are the everyday things that you might be doing but just need to be classified.

2. Twice a week –
a. Dust/mop the wooden floors that will prevent scratching because of dirt.
b. If you live in a dusty region, vacuum the rooms where dust accumulates easily. It is important at households that have children and pets.
c. Use a microfiber cloth to clean the hard surfaces that could accumulate dust.

3. Once in a month –
a. Vacuum the blinds
b. Sweep the garage, walkways or patio areas.
c. Clean the ceiling fixtures
d. Vacuum the furniture that has upholstery with the help of a brush attachment.
e. Clean the ceiling fans
f. Wash the rugs

4. Every three months –
a. Remove cobwebs
b. Clean the air conditioner filters or get them serviced
c. Clean the kitchen chimneys
d. Clean the oven/microwave.

5. Every six months –
a. Remove all the unwanted clutter in the storage areas
b. Clean the mattresses
c. Polish your silver ware

6. Once a year –
a. Move the heavy furniture to clean underneath
b. Clean carpets
c. Wash walls
d. Clean the chandeliers
e. Get pest control done at home to get rid of bugs/termite.

Photo Credits: Pixabay