7 Kitchen mistakes that should be avoided

Certain habits in the kitchen should be avoided for a proper functioning of the counters


A kitchen is a place where a number of activities are carried out. Things need to be organized or you could end up with a mess on the counters. Here we will be discussing about a few mistakes that can be avoided that will help the kitchen to function better.

1. Using blunt knives – Knives of the kitchen should be sharpened regularly. It makes a big difference for the person who is working in the kitchen. A sharp knife makes the job easy and also saves a lot of time.

2. Not cleaning the fridge – The fridge can be a dwelling place for bacteria. A number of times food or any liquid can be spilled and never gets cleaned. Regular cleaning is essential to keep the bacteria and foul smell away. The fridge has to be cleaned at least once in a week.

3. Not cleaning the sink – Cleaning the sink is equally important for a bacteria free kitchen. Just some soap and water with a sponge can suffice.

4. Unattended grocery shopping items – After grocery shopping, it can be exhausting but make sure that you put them away immediately after returning. There could be certain perishable items that can only be left out for maximum of two hours.

5. Spending on useless kitchen gadgets – There are certain kitchen gadgets that make no sense like an egg yolk separator, avocado pitter, garlic press, sprout maker and other such things make no sense and occupy unnecessary storage space.

6. Misplacing kitchen appliance manual – They might not be useful initially, but gradually as you want to make use of the different functions of the appliance, the manual will come handy.

7. Buying a fancy knife set – It could be tempting to buy a fancy knife set that would add to your luxury collection. But they are never worth. It is always better to buy them individually. You could end up paying more than it is actually worth collectively.

Photo Credits: Pixabay