Tips to make your make-up last longer

Make-up should be applied in a way that it lasts longer


Applying make-up is a work of art but it would be best if it was applied in a way that it lasts for a longer time. Although there are a number of ways and products that make your make-up last for a longer time. Here we will be discussing about a few tricks that can help the make-up to stay intact for a longer time.

1. Cleanse, tone and moisturize – The face needs to be clean with no residue on the skin which makes it the perfect platform for the make-up to sit and stay. After cleansing, apply a gel-based moisturizer on the face.

2. Apply a primer – The primer is like a foundation of the make-up and creates the perfect base for the products to be applied and remain on the face. Make sure that you use a good quality primer that would suit your skin type.

3. Select the right foundation – You need to be careful while selecting your foundation and what kind of look you wish to have. First you need to select the right color as per your skin tone. If you want a glossy look select a glossy foundation or else you can have a regular one for the matte look. It is recommended to use the matte look or else it would make your face look oily.

4. Keep your hands off your face – Do not touch your face too much as it would rip off the products that you have applied on the face quickly.

5. Apply ice cubes – Before starting off, apply ice-cubes of rose water that will soothe the skin and tighten the pores for a smudge free look.

6. Use a waterproof mascara and eye-liner – The mascara and eye-liner should be water proof for a smudge free look.

7. Spray – For the final touch use a good set spray that will keep the products applied intact while forming a protective layer.

Photo Credits: Pixabay