6 Habits that can transform you in 30 days

There are very simple habits that can transform a person in just 30 days


A few easy and simple habits for just a month and you will find yourself in a space you would be happy to see yourself. Physical habits of a person decide about the health of the person. Here we will be looking in to just 6 habits that can transform the health of a person and take it to new levels.

1. 7 hours of sleep everyday – Sleep is like charging the battery of the phone for a full functionality. A good 7 hour sleep gives body a good rest that allows the organs of the body to function properly.

2. Drink at least 5 litres of water per day – you need to drink a glass of luke warm water with honey and lemon juice on an empty stomach. Apart from that it is great to consume at least 5 litres of water that helps to keep the body hydrated.

3. Get 15 minutes of sunlight everyday – Get some early morning sunlight for at least 15 minutes as it helps to boost immunity levels and also helps to have healthy bones.

4. Reduce sugar, salt and avoid fast food – Try to reduce the salt levels and consume less sugar. Fast food has a lot of salt and sugar levels that does less or no nutrition at all. If you still feel like eating something sweet, you can grab some jaggery.

5. Meditate for at least 15 minutes per day – Make sure that you meditate for at least 15 minutes per day. Meditation helps the person to have a break from the everyday work and routine. It also gives the mind a break from constant thinking and thoughts.

6. Workout at least three times in a week – People who are doing it everyday is good. But if it is not possible then it is also good to workout at least thrice in a week. It helps improve blood circulation and keeps you fit and healthy.

Photo Credits: Pixabay