Basic etiquettes to be followed while attending a video conference

While attending a video conference make sure that you keep a few things in mind

video conference

With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, a number of people turned to the virtual life. Be it online classes or remote working, these phrases have now become a part of life. During the early pandemic days, it was tough to accept the way it worked and was inconvenient but now it has become the new normal. Now that it has become an everyday thing for a number of people, there are a few etiquettes that you show now and follow during a video conference.

1. Sit at a well-lit place – When you are on a video conference or an online class, just make sure that you are not working at a dark place. It should be a well-lit place where your face is visible. Switch on the lights or sit at a place where there is light coming from your side or from the front.

2. Do not sit at a place that is messy – This does not put a great impression. Make sure that you are sitting at a place that looks clean or at least set your position such that any clutter or mess is not visible on the screen. You could also clean up before you begin your work.

3. Unmute yourself only when you have to say something – This is for the convenience of the host of the meeting. Make sure that you keep your device on mute when the session is on. Even if you are silent, the device picks up noise from the background that can cause disturbance in the session.

4. Dress up – You would be tempted to sit in your pyjamas, but that is not professional. Make sure that you are in your complete attire and are properly dressed for the occasion. You should be wearing something that is appropriate and presentable.

5. Lock yourself in a room – You don’t want your kids, pets or other family members to turn up behind you during the session or you would become the centre of laughter.

Photo Credits: Pixabay