Steps to wash your hair in the right way

A hair wash has to be done in the right way or it could lead to damage

hair wash

Cleansing of the hair is an important step towards keeping it healthy. Just like skin care, your hair also needs some attention and in the right way. Many of us often ignore some crucial steps while doing a basic thing like washing hair. Here we will be discussing a few important steps that you need to keep in mind when you wash your hair.

1. Detangle – Before you get in to the shower and pour water, make sure that you spend some time in detangling your hair. This makes it easy to apply the hair cleansing products through the strands and also prevents split-ends.

2. Rinse with room temperature water – Before you apply shampoo to the hair, make sure that you rinse your hair with water at room temperature. Make sure the water is not hot or it can lead to damage. Giving a rinse also helps open the cuticles that ensure the product is well-absorbed.

3. Dilute the shampoo before applying – Do not apply the shampoo directly. Shampoos are concentrated and harshness of it, can damage the hair. Also make sure that you don’t take shampoo in excess quantity. You could also get a scalp massager brush that can be used as it helps to increase the blood circulation.

4. Use a conditioner – You can use a conditioner after shampoo. It helps to lock the nourishment of the shampoo. Remember you need to apply conditioner only to the length of the hair and not on the scalp. Rinse off after 5 minutes under cold running water for best results.

5. Do not use towels – Towels can damage your hair. You can use a microfiber hair wrap. Make sure that you avoid using any heat tools like a hair dryer or a straightener. Frequent usage of such tools can damage the hair. Dry hair in natural air or under the fan. Apply a hair serum when your hair is 70 percent dry.

Photo Credits: Pixabay