Ways to keep yourself motivated to study from home during pandemic

The pandemic has made it a tough task for the students and left no choice than to study from home

study from home

The coronavirus pandemic has been a tough time for individuals as well as company employees who are currently working from home as a safety measure. Apart from the employees, even the students who are studying from home are facing their own struggles. Online classes, poor network issues, communication issues, etc are just some of the problems that are being faced by students. There are also a number of distractions that they are fighting with. Here we will be looking in to a few easy and effective ways of motivating yourself to study at home during the pandemic time.

1. Create a routine – The pandemic time has left a number of people lazy without any particular routine which has to be strict and need to be followed strictly. Make a time-table and allot a time for everything small thing like waking up, breakfast time, lunch time, nap time and others.

2. Take a power nap –A Power nap is actually not a waste of time but a time that works like an energy booster. Afternoons can be tempting especially after lunch. You might feel sluggish and could feel the urge to fall asleep. Grab a power nap for 15 minutes and not more than half an hour.

3. Create a study zone – Avoid to make a study zone in the bedroom. It could be a silent and left out place where no one can disturb you. Avoiding the bedroom is important as you might be tempted to take frequent naps.

4. Avoid multi-tasking – When you are studying, make sure that you focus on only that and not try to multi-task. Stick to your schedule that you have made.

5. Communicate – You can communicate with your classmates online and make sure to take each other’s updates. This will also motivate you to catch up with the studies so you are not left behind.

6. Have someone to keep a watch on you – You can tell an elder person in the house to keep reminding you of your schedule.

Photo Credits: Pixabay