4 Tips for people in 30s to lose weight

Losing weight in 30s can be a little difficult but a few tips can make it a cake walk

weight loss

It is easy to lose weight when people are young in their 20s. But people in the 30s need to put a little extra effort when it comes to weight loss. However, it largely depends on the metabolism of the body but age still matters. There are also a number of other factors like ay medical condition, gender and environmental factors. But still with the help of a few tips it can be easy to lose some weight.

1. Do not indulge in any fancy diets – The first thing that you need to keep in mind that people of any age can lose weight without the need of any fancy diets. No offense to people who follow it, but it could be a tough thing for people who cannot keep their hands off food. Many times such diets can lead to nutrition deficiencies and make your condition worse. Every nutrient is essential for the body.

2. Cut down on alcohol – It is OK to have occasional drinks at the weekends with friends. But too much of it can affect your attempts to lose weight. Alcohol contains plenty of calories and does not have any nutrients at all. You could replace alcohol with water. Drinking more water in a day helps to remove all the toxins of the body.

3. Manage stress and sleep – Stress cannot be avoided completely but could be managed. Make sure that you treat yourself regularly. It could be a nice comforting spa or even a yummy piece of pizza you are craving. Sleep is important for proper functioning of the body. If you are sleep deprived then you could be irritated and your focus on weight loss could go for a toss.

4. Be active throughout the day – Do not be a couch potato. Make sure that you are active and move around as far as possible. Even if you are working from home and need to be in front of your laptop most of the time then you can grab some opportunities to grab a glass of water instead of having a bottle by your side.

Photo Credits: Pixabay