5 Gadgets to have for the perfect movie date at home

Movie date can be made happening and convenient with the help of a few simple and inexpensive gadgets


A weekend in normal circumstances could be like spending the entire day out with your family, spouse or with your significant other. However, due to the current coronavirus pandemic situation, the safe option would be to make it special while being at home. A romantic and an exciting movie date night could also be planned at home and that does not take much efforts. Just a few extra things and you are sorted for your upcoming movie date night. Here is a list of things that you can own to have the perfect and cozy movie date night.

1. Bed prism spectacles – These are also called the lazy spectacles. It protects your spine and also your eyes. It makes things more convenient as the person can watch the TV while lying flat on the bed without the need to bend your neck. They are inexpensive and a great gadget for a weekend date night.

2. Portable silicon popcorn maker – Now you don’t have to run to the kitchen every time you need a fresh bowl of popcorn. You just have to throw in popcorn kernels to the machine with some butter, salt and flavor, and can enjoy a fresh bowl of popcorn.

3. Aroma therapy diffuser – An aromatherapy diffuser will create the perfect and mesmerizing atmosphere for the night. You just have to put a few drops of essential oil in the diffuser and it will make your room smell like heaven.

4. A cellphone stand/holder – If you prefer to watch a film on your tablet or smartphone, then you can have a convenient stand/holder for your device so you don’t have to keep it holding.

5. Blue light blocking glasses – The blue lights emitted by the smartphones, tablets and TVs are harmful for the eyes. The Blue light blocking glasses act as a protective shield for the eyes and can filter nearly 90 percent of the rays. It reduces the strain on the eyes.

Photo Credits: Pixabay