7 Basic beauty products to have in your vanity box

You skin needs attention too and a few basic skin products will help you to have a flawless skin


To have a flawless skin, it is obvious that you will need to take some extra care. Extra care would mean to make sure that you maintain the good health of the skin with the help of a few products. There are a number of factors like pollution, exposure to sun and weather that can affect the health of the skin. With the help of a few basic skin products you can have a balance and have a flawless skin. Here are some of the basic skin products every woman should have in their vanity box.

1. Face wash – A Face wash should be used every time you wash your face. Avoid using soap. A face wash has those extra ingredients that protect the skin from getting dehydrated. It also helps to get rid of the dirt and pollutants deposited on the skin.

2. Make-up wipes – Make –up wipes are useful when you are outdoors and do not have access to your regular make-up remover. Removing make-up before going to bed is important as it allows the skin to breathe and also protects it from acne and break-outs.

3. Moisturizer – You need to select a moisturizer that suits your skin. If you skin is oily, make sure that you have a light moisturizer. Moisturizer helps to make your skin plump and healthy. It also protects from the formation of fine lines.

4. BB Cream – For everyday make-up, heavy and flaky foundations could ruin your skin in the long run. BB creams are much lighter and do the trick of giving you the foundation-like glow.

5. Sun screen – Even if it is cloudy, it is important to wear a sunscreen when you are stepping out. It should be applied at least half an hour before you expose yourself in the sun.

6. Sheet masks – Sheet masks are trending these days and bring a glow to the face with immediate effect.

7. Face Mist – You can also have rose water which is a great way to instantly revive the skin.

Photo Credits: Pixabay