Tips to welcome a baby home amidst the coronavirus pandemic

As you prepare to bring home your little bundle of joy amidst the coronavirus pandemic, here are a few tips to remember


The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way of living of people across the globe. People now need to take extra precautions in terms of hygiene or you could be exposed to the deadly virus that has so far claimed millions of lives. For new parents it is a greater challenge as you they don’t want to expose their little one. Here we will be discussing about the precautions new parents need to take as they welcome their new born at home.

1. Family members at home need to get vaccinated – Expedite the process of getting each and every family member vaccinated. The more people are vaccinated, the chances are less of anyone to be infected and putting the baby in danger if exposure. For children under the age of 18 they can get the flu shot.

2. Do not ignore the postpartum appointments – It is essential to remain in touch with the obstetrician and the pediatrician to be safe in terms of you and your baby’s health. Pay attention to the medical advice and medications.

3. Do not encourage visitors – If people or the close family members want to visit, it can be done virtually. It is OK to be honest that you are concerned about the safety of the family and the little one who could be vulnerable.

4. Keep sick people away from the baby – Even if someone has the slightest symptoms like a cough or a cold, it is advised to keep the person away from the baby. If symptoms persist, they could be tested for SARS-COVID or isolated for the next two weeks.

5. Get groceries delivered at home – As far as possible, avoid stepping out when you are nursing a child at home. Get the groceries delivered at home.

6. Maintain optimum hygiene levels – With an infant at home, you need to maintain optimum hygiene levels and make sure to keep the baby at a well-ventilated room which has some direct sunlight.

Photo Credits: Pixabay