Tips to improve body immunity this monsoon

Monsoon season is the time when the body immunity can be compromised but there are ways to deal with it


The monsoon is here and this is the time a number of people could be immune compromised. Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, it has become more important to take care of the body immunity to stay away from the virus. While the world is witnessing a number of waves with different mutations of coronavirus, the primary thing that people need to do is to maintain immunity. During the monsoon season, here are a few ways you can catch up with your immunity.

1. Eat foods rich in vitamin C, D and Omega 3 – Include foods in your diet that are rich in vitamin C like lemon, watermelon, oranges and other citrus fruits. Also include protein in your diet with the help of foods like eggs and meat which are also rich in anti-oxidants. These foods help to build a safety wall against the infections.

2. Eat proportionately – Apart from eating the right foods, it is also important to eat in proportion. Anything in excess is going to be toxic for the body while anything less might not give the appropriate results. Determine your proportions as per your needs and do not over-do anything.

3. Include plant based foods in your diet – Apart from the nutritious foods it is good for the body to include plant-based foods in your diet. Green and leafy vegetables provide the essentials minerals for the body and improve immunity.

4. Exercise – Make sure that you exercise regularly as it builds immunity. Exercise improves the efficiency of the body and also helps it to absorb the nutrients to its max. You can also practice breathing exercises for the good health of your respiratory system.

5. Keep a check on your stress levels – Although stress levels cannot be removed completely, you can at least make efforts to reduce them to a certain extent. Meditation is the best way to take care to manage stress levels.

Photo Credits: Pixabay