Starbucks to allow customers to bring reusable cups

Starbucks will once again be allowing its customers to bring their reusable cups


Starting from June 22, 2021, American coffeehouse giant Starbucks will be allowing its customers to bring their own mugs to the outlets. A practice that was earlier followed by Starbucks was stopped due to the coronavirus pandemic. Earlier the company had allowed the customers to bring their own reusable mugs to the stores. But the program was suspended in March 2020 when the pandemic hit. Attempts are now being made to bring back the facility on the international outlets as well. For now it is ready to bring it back for the US customers but with some changes.

Earlier, the staff would offer to clean the mugs that were visibly dirty before they refilled it. But now the employees will only be accepting the clean mugs and they will not be touching them. The customer will have to place their mugs in to a large ceramic mug. The staff will just have to hold the handle of the bigger mug and then prepare the drink. After the ordered beverage is ready, then the customer can pick up their mug from the large ceramic mug. But the mugs that do not fit will be placed on the trays.

Starbucks customers who plan to consume the beverage in the premises, will also be encouraged to offer their reusable mugs. But the customers of the drive-thru will have to continue to accept the beverages in the disposable cups. This is not the first time, but the company has been making efforts to reduce the waste since many years. It has also developed environmental friendly disposable cups and encourages customers to make use of reusable mugs.

This sounds environmental friendly but it could be a challenge as going for a to-go cup and throwing it in the bin after you finish is much easier than having your own reusable cup. But if Starbucks does not offer the environmental friendly option then its business could be affected.
Photo Credits: Pixabay