Things to keep in mind while sanitizing home post COVID-19 infection

It is important to disinfect the entire house especially after recovering from COVID-19 infection


COVID-19 has spread like wild fire across the globe in different nations. While many of the infected patients needed to be hospitalized, a majority of them were less severe or moderately infected and were treated at home by isolating them. However, this also puts others at home at risk of contracting the infection. So after the patient has been isolated and after the patient has recovered completely, it is essential to sanitize the entire house to prevent the spread of the infection. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are sanitizing your house.

1. Have the proper gear – You need not have to wear the entire PPE kit, but just the basics like hand gloves, masks and face shields are enough to keep you protected.

2. Ventilation – When you are cleaning the house with chemicals, make sure that you are keeping the doors and the windows of the house open to have proper ventilation. Allow some fresh air.

3. Avoid harsh chemicals – In case of harsh chemicals you can dilute it with water or regular disinfectants are also useful and are adequate. Make sure that you use some warm water and use a mop to clean the floor. Use a wiping cloth to clean the surfaces.

4. Cover all surfaces – Make sure that you cover all the surfaces like the door knobs, door handles, staircase support, desks, tables, kitchen top and other places that you might know that could have been contaminated. Remote controls, toilet seats, mobile phones, faucets in the bathroom and the kitchen and landline phones also need to be cleaned.

5. Be careful with chemicals – While handling chemicals make sure that you avoid skin contact with them. Wear heavy duty gloves while handling them. In case of a skin contact wash with water immediately and consult a doctor in case of any reaction.

6. Keep washing hands – Make sure that you are constantly washing your hands in between the cleaning process.

Photo Credits: Pixabay