6 Foods that must be avoided after the age of 30

Post age of 30 certain foods should be avoided or restricted to lead a healthy life


After a person crosses the age of 30, it does not mean that the person has become old, but the body starts to respond in a different way and is no longer the same like it used to be younger. There are certain foods that we consume on an everyday basis, but could be harmful if they are consumed in excess and should be avoided or restricted after the age of 30. Here are a few foods that you should avoid after the age of 30.

1. Caffeine – Caffeine is not just found in tea and coffee, but is also found in colas. Apart from giving you the much needed kick, they can also increase the craving for carbs. Not many are aware that a sneaky carb craving could lead to a weight gain, that you might not even come to know.

2. Processed of white flour – While flour is processed flour that is used to make cakes and other processed food and contains bleach to make its appearance whiter. The body has the ability to convert white flour in to glucose which can easily be stored as fat. It does not contain any fibre while the whole grains are digested slowly and helps to remain full for a longer time.

3. Flavoured yogurt – Flavoured yogurt otherwise could sound healthy, but they have excess sugar in them. You could go for a plain and non-flavoured yogurt instead of the flavoured ones.

4. Pasteurized milk –Pasteurized milk is again processed milk that does not have most of the nutrients that it is supposed to have.

5. Canned Foods – a single serving of Canned foods often contain high levels of sugar and salt and also contain chemical additives as preservatives.

6. Processed meat – Processed meat contains nitrates that makes it look more appetizing. They can also become cancer causing chemicals in the body. Even the organic ones are not recommended.

Photo Credits: Pixabay