7 Early symptoms of heart attack in women

Women can experience a few early symptoms of heart attack that should not be ignored

heart attack

A research has suggested that women are less prone to a heart attack when compared to women, but they are not completely immune from it. It is equally important for women to take care of their heart health and understand what signs their body shows in case they are having one. There are a few signs and symptoms that could be observed and considered as a warning signs. Here we will be discussing about the warning signs of a heart attack in women.

1. Body weakness – Although this is a very common symptom for women, but nearly a month before the heart attack you might feel some body weakness which is a key symptom. Do not ignore it if this is caused for an unknown reason.

2. Feeling dizzy – Dizziness is usually caused due to poor blood circulation in the body. The heart is responsible to pump blood to different parts of the body.

3. Episodes of cold sweats – Cold sweats could also be another symptom. You might feel sweaty and cold at the same time and could overall feel unwell.

4. Pain in chest, arms, shoulders or back – Some kind of tightness or pain in the chest, shoulders, back or arms could be a sign of a heart attack. This usually occurs a few hours before the heart attack. However, you will still have time to react.

5. Cold and flu a month before – Many patients who have suffered a heart attack have reported about cold and flu a month before the episode. If you have such an experiences, it is better to run some tests to be sure.

6. Fatigue – If you are feeling any weakness in the body with fatigue for no reason, this could be a big sign and a reason to get yourself checked.

7. Shortness of breath – Shortness of breath could indicate that the organs in the body are not getting enough oxygen and that something could be wrong with the heart.

Photo Credits: Pixabay