6 Simple tips to lead a healthy lifestyle

Leading a healthy lifestyle is simple and can be done by bringing a few changes

healthy lifestyle

Leading a healthy lifestyle is no rocket science and is pretty simple. Everyone knows about what is healthy and what is not. But how many of us are actually religious about being healthy and how many of us give priority to health. The World Health Day is a reminder for people that health is wealth. If you have good health then wealth will follow automatically. A number of things could be covered in terms of leading a healthy lifestyle, but here we will be discussing about a few points to make it easy.

1. Begin your day with a fruit – While many people have a habit of drinking tea or coffee on an empty stomach, it is the most unhealthy way to begin your day. On an empty stomach you can have a fruit or soaked dry fruits.

2. Do not set a weight loss goal – Setting a weight loss goal is of no use at all. Instead you can set goals to reduce stress and find ways to be happy all the time.

3. Consume foods that are produced locally – It is recommended to opt for food that is available closest to you. It should be economical and ecological. Seasonal fruits are the best like mangoes and watermelon during the summer season do wonders for the body.

4. Consume clarified butter – Make sure that you consume at least one teaspoon of clarified butter with every meal that you have. Not many know but it helps to dissolve fat.

5. Reduce screen time – Make sure that you spend minimum time with your gadgets like laptops or smartphones. If you cannot avoid them altogether, at least make sure that they are kept away at least during the meal times.

6. Get some good sleep – Sleep is a way for the body to be rejuvenated for the next day. Not having a sound sleep can disturb and make you irritable. It helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

Photo Credits: Pixabay