Things to keep in mind before you wax your face

Before you wax your face at home, there are a few things that you need to know and be careful about


There are a number of ways to remove facial hair. With the coronavirus pandemic still around, it has become tough for people to depend on a salon due to the risk of getting an infection. Under such circumstances, many people opt to do it themselves at home. But removing facial hair on your own comes with its own set of risks. You could end up bleeding or scaring if you apply the wrong pressure in the wrong way. Some could also develop allergic reactions due to the wrong products. So before you begin experimenting on your own, make sure you follow the tips below before applying wax on the face.

1. Do a patch test first – To make things easy, readymade wax strips are easy and are not very expensive. They are also safe, but it is always better to do a patch test first. Pick out a small patch which could be a part of your upper lip and test a strip. If there is no reaction for the next 24 hours you can go ahead and wax.

2. Keep Aloe vera gel handy – Waxing makes the skin prove to irritation and burning. Aloe gel will help you to deal with any burns or scars in case if any during the patch test. If you see any red spots or feel itchy, just apply some aloe gel on the affected area to ease out the inflammation. It works as a cooling agent.

3. Use different strips – When you have waxed one section of the face, make sure you discard the strip and use a new one for the next section. The more number of times you pull the strip, there are chances that the skin might tear.

4. Breakouts – Despite trying on everything, if you still have skin breakouts, you should consider other forms of hair removal. There are all the chances that wax could break open acne and could also lead to a big reaction on the skin.

Photo Credits: Pixabay