3 Effective ways of reversing premature greying of hair

Premature greying of hair can affect the confidence level, but there are easy ways of getting rid of it

premature greying

Nobody feels good when a few strands of silver streaks pop out of your hair. It could be a bigger disaster for people who notice this in their early 20s. A number of times it is due to the genes. Grey hair is not just always a sign of ageing, but it is also a way the body reacts to stress, unhealthy diet, poor water quality or pollution. The good news is that premature greying of hair can be reversed as it could also be due to a vitamin deficiency, loss of melanin, overuse of chemical dyes, shampoos or an autoimmune disease. Here are three easiest home remedies that can be done at home without falling hard on your pocket.

1. Indian gooseberries and coconut oil – Dry the pieces of Indian gooseberries in the sun and process it in powder form. Heat the powder with coconut oil and apply the mixture to the scalp. Rinse off in 15-20 minutes. You can repeat the process once a week for best results. Gooseberries have the ability to reverse pigmentation and would also help hair grow faster.

2. Coffee and black tea – You need two tablespoons of coffee and 2 black tea bags. Add the powder to boiling water and allow the mixture to cool and apply it thoroughly to the scalp. Leave it for half an hour and rinse with lukewarm water. The concoction can also be used to brush your hair everyday before you have bath.

3. Curry leaves and yoghurt – You need equal proportion of curry leaves and yoghurt. Make a thick paste of the curry leaves and mix it with yoghurt. Massage the mixture on the scalp and apply it through the length of the hair. Let it rest for 15-20 minutes and rinse off with luke warm water.

Applying the above remedies regularly will surely reverse the premature ageing process. Apart from the above methods, massaging the scalp with clarified butter or ghee also works well.

Photo Credits: Pixabay