7 Signs that can indicate that you need to take a break

Too much of stress can show off in different way and could take a toll on the health this is when you should take a break


While working is essential to make a living, it is also important to take a break from the monotony. Working hard is a great way of achieving great things in life, but sometimes it does take a toll on your health. It is important to pick up those hints that your body could show when your too stressed and this is when you will know you need to take it easy and take a break. Taking a break allows the body to recharge or rejuvenate. But how are you going to come to know that it is high time. Here are a few signs you could pick up that could indicate that you need to take a break.

1. Digestion problems – When the body is tired, it sends signals to the body and the digestive tract suffers. This cou8ld lead to problems like constipation or stomach pain.

2. Headache – You could constantly feel the heaviness or discomfort in your head. This could be a signal that you are overworked and need to take a break and ne yourself for a while. The headache can also lead to pain in the eyes, neck and forehead.

3. Sudden weight gain – Constant stress could also lead to a sudden weight gain that could be unexplained. This usually happens due to an increase in the secretion of cortisol hormone.

4. Stomach pain – When the mind does not get enough rest, one can experience nausea or even stomach ache. Such problems could also lead to digestion problems.

5. Chest pain – This could be scary and there is a possibility of a chest pain when you are too stressed out. The pain could be mild but if it is ignored then it could lead to a cardiac failure.

6. Frequent cold – There are possibilities of an increase in blood circulation and a heart rate that directly affects the immune system. Due to this the person could get frequent colds due to poor immunity.

Photo Credits:Pixabay