6 Unknown and amazing benefits of administering clarified butter in to nostrils

clarified butter

Clarified butter is also known as ghee and is great for the overall health. It is healthy to consume clarified butter with regular meals, but the oil can also be beneficial when a few drops of it is administered in to the nostrils. This might sound weird, but it actually has a number of benefits that are not known by many. Here are a number of benefits of administering ghee in to the nostrils.

1. Helps to get rid of snoring problem – People who have a habit of snoring loudly can try putting 2 to 3 drops of warm and melted clarified butter in to each nostrils just before going to bed. You just need a few drops and administer them in a sleeping position with a help of a spoon.

2. Helpful for people suffering from migraine – People who are suffering from chronic migraine can try administering a few drops of clarified butter in to the nostrils. It is beneficial to eliminate the condition.

3. Helps to get rid of dry nose – People who have a dry nose and are prone to bleed through it, can add a few drops of it in to the nose. It helps to keep the nose lubricated and prevents dryness.

4. Improves memory – administration of ghee in the nose helps to improve memory as well.

5. Improves body immunity – Practicing this on an everyday basis, helps to keep the body immune from a number of diseases. It also helps to improve breathing patterns and people who are suffering from sleep apnea can also be benefitted.

6. Protects from pollutants – When you apply a thin layer of ghee in to the nostrils, it prevents the pollutants that are present in the air from entering the nose. People can be saved from diseases like asthma or other respiratory disorders.

Note – The clarified butter that should be used to administer in the nostrils should be extracted from cow’s milk for best results.

Photo Credits: Pixabay