Royal Mail posts list of 28 blackspots suffering from staff shortage

Royal Mail is facing a tough time dealing with the deliveries of letters and parcels due to lack of staff members

royal mail

British multinational postal service Royal Mail has published a list of 28 areas thata re suffering from limited delivery service. The areas are facing a limited delivery service due to the staff members who have either contracted COVID-19 or are self-isolating. 27 of the zones are in England while one is in Northern Ireland. They also include 13 in or near London and the others are Chemsford in Essex, Leeds in West Yorkshire, Widnes in Cheshire and Margate in Kent.

A number of residents from these areas have complained that they have not got their mail delivered since about a month. Moreover, some of the senior citizens will not be able to receive a notification when the coronavirus vaccine is available for them. One of the residents from northeast London has complained that she has not received any mail since December 12, 2020. The resident while talking to a leading daily expressed that the problem is pretty serious while some people are not even bothered as they do most of the things online. However, for some people it continues to be important.

The most recent problem has called for urgent action to be taken so that the postal workers could be added to the priority list of people who are expected to receive the coronavirus vaccines. Royal Mail published a statement on its website that assured that it is working hard towards providing the best services to all of its customers despite the pandemic. The statement added that the pandemic has added to the pressure towards the delivery resources as the online shopping has increased.

The statement added that every single parcel and letter is important and despite their best efforts and investment towards the extra resource, some of the customers might continue to experience longer timescales when compared to the usual service standards. Meanwhile, Royal Mail is prioritizing the delivery of the parcels that have been backlogged.

Photo Credits: Pixabay