5 Easy ways to protect your hands and feet during winter

Winter dryness can be harsh on the feet and hands and they need special care


Winter is here and this is the time when it falls hard on the skin. The dryness of the weather causes extreme dryness of skin. The hands and legs are the most vulnerable portions that mostly remain exposed. If things become worse, then they might even become cracked and itchy. But there are ways you can pamper your hands and feet to make them soft and nourished during the harsh winter season.

1. Wear socks and gloves – As soon as you are out of the shower, make sure that you apply body lotion all over the body and make sure you apply generously on your hands and feet. After you have applied the body lotion make sure that you wear your socks and gloves immediately. This will help to keep your hands and feet moist and soft.

2. Treat yourself with a manicure and pedicure – A luxury manicure and pedicure helps to remove all the dead cells from the skin. The deep massage given in the procedure helps the skin to absorb the moisturizer. You need not spend a lot, but even the basic manicure and pedicure can help.

3. Take care of your cuticles – During winter, the dryness in the weather can cause small tears in the cuticles. There are a number of cuticle oils that are available in the market that can help to prevent the damage. If ignored it can also cause bacterial infection.

4. Wear comfortable shoes – Winter is a time when you should temporarily retire your heels which can be very uncomfortable. Just make sure that you wear shoes that are comfortable. They could be sneakers or sports shoes for running and walking. Shoes make your feet at ease and remove all the stress.

5. Use alcohol-free products – There are a number of products in the market that contain alcohol. Avoid using beauty products that have the slightest amount of alcohol. Such products can make the skin itchy and dry.

Photo Credits: Pixabay