World carbon di-oxide emissions comes down to 7 percent during pandemic 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic might have severely affected the economies but had a positive effect on the environment


The pandemic time proved to be a challenge for the economies across the globe. It was during the lockdown time when the streets were deserted and the shops and business had to shut down as a safety measure to stop the spread of the virus. The only things that were allowed were the transportation of essential goods and emergency services. While the pandemic put an adverse effect on the economy, not many might have noticed that it has put a positive impact on the environment. The lockdown situation in the world helps to curb 7 percent of the carbon di-oxide emissions which marked the biggest drop ever.

The emissions was tracked by the Global Carbon Project which is an authoritative group and said that the world might have put 37 billion U.S tons of carbon di-oxide in the atmosphere in 2020. The figure has come down from 40.1 billion US tons in 2019. Researchers while talking about the reason haves said that the drop is seen mainly due to the reason that most of the people are staying at home and are travelling less by car, plane or other means of transport. It could take quite some time to get back to the kind of emissions that existed before the coronavirus pandemic.

On the other hand the ground transportation makes up to one-fifth of the emissions of carbon-di-oxide. Surprisingly, Corinne LeQuere a co-author of the study clarified that lockdown is not the way to handle climate change. But the same group of researchers about a month back had predicted that the emissions could drop by 4percent to 7 percent and that would depend on the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the United States the emissions went down by 12 percent while in Europe the emissions came down to 11 percent. But in China the drop was just 1.7 percent for the reason that the country went in to early lockdown with no or less effect of the second wave.

Photo Credits: Pixabay