5 Ways to control your anger and remain calm

Anger is an emotion that can easily convert in to something aggressive and needs to be controlled


There are a number of people who tends to lose control of their temper. Although it is natural, it can damage your professional or persona life. Anger has the ability to ruin one’s life and can leave permanent scars on your relationship. The emotion has all the probability to turn in to aggression. It is essential that you keep a control on your emotions and there are a few ways that you can deal with your anger.

1. Begin deep breathing – When you just feel like you are about to lose it, do not waste time and leave the place and start deep breathing. This might sound less effective, but it actually helps to calm down.

2. Distance yourself from people and things around you – When you are angry, you might be tempted to throw a fit and release your anger. You might also feel like throwing things around you. Under such circumstances, distance yourself not just people but also from things around you like your mobile phone, the desktop mouse or any other handy thing around you.

3. Start counting – This might again seem useless, but counting gives your mind a break from the current emotion that you are going through. When you feel angry just start counting and it will help you to calm you down in no time.

4. Think before you say – Anger is an emotion that can make you say inappropriate words as well to people that you might not actually intend to say otherwise. This can tarnish your relationship with a person that you love. Make sure that you think twice before you say things in a fit of rage.

5. Think something funny – Now this could be tricky, but it is surely effective. The moment you feel that you are getting angry, start to think something that is funny and it could be related to the person with whom the anger is related.

Photo Credits: Pixabay