5 Ways of protecting the environment from pollution

Pollution can be reduced by taking a few measures as responsible citizens


Pollution is one of the major problems that the world is facing in a number of ways. However, there are a few ways the problem could be controlled by taking initiatives on every level. Water and air is basic and it is getting polluted and damaged every day. Such a problem can also lead to health problems. As responsible citizens here are a few things and initiatives that can be taken to control pollution.

1. Recycle – Recycling is the key to protect the environment from further damage. In terms of solid waste, we need to start recycling solid things which are no longer useful for you. If you are not doing it yourself, then make sure that it reaches a recycling facility and there are a number of sources to do that.

2. Prevent water pollution – Water pollution can be prevented by not littering around the water bodies like lakes, rivers and the beaches. Even a straw that is thrown at the beach could be absorbed by the ocean and affect the marine life.

3. Use dustbins – One of the basics that people hardly follow. Even a small chocolate wrapper is usually not disposed properly. Make sure that you use dust bins for disposing even the smaller things like wrappers or straws or just keep them with yourself till you find one.

4. Volunteer – There are a number of NGOs and other organizations that work in different ways to protect the environment. Join one of them and volunteer. For instance, there are a number of groups and communities who regularly clean the beaches.

5. Go organic – Instead of using plastic make sure that you start using organic stuff or things which are biodegradable. Instead of plastic straws, you can use the paper ones or the stainless steel ones which can be thrown or reused.

Protecting the environment is our responsibility. One needs to just contribute their bit to bring down the pollution levels.

Photo Credits: Pixabay