4 Easy ways to avoid frizz post hair wash

Frizz is a very common problem faced by women, but a few tips can help them deal with it


There has always been an argument about the right way to dry your hair after a detailed hair wash. Using heated methods can damage the hair. Although it is OK to use them once in a while but regular usage of heated appliances on the hair can damage and make them brittle and frizzy. Not many are aware that your wet hair can be air-dried without making them frizzy. If you think you have got used to frizz and have learnt to live with it? Think twice and have a look at the tips mentioned below.

1. Cold water is best – Even if the temperatures are low and you had to wash your hair with luke warm water, make sure that you rinse your hair for the final wash with cold water, just before you step out of the shower. When you are running cold water on your hair, use a wide toothed comb that will detangle it.

2. Do not use a towel – Not many are aware that rubbing the hair with a towel does the major damage and leads to frizz. You can use a soft t-shirt instead or even a pillow cover to dry your hair. They work much better than a towel.

3. Use a proper serum – Lack of moisture is one of the main reasons of frizz. You need a good serum for your hair post wash. When your hair is still a little damp, take coin sized serum in your palm, rub it for about 30 seconds between your palms and apply it on the hair strands. It helps to lock the moisture.

4. Go natural – Many of us might be tempted to style your hair with the help of curlers or straighteners, but it is best to style in the most natural way, like getting curls by making braids in damp hair. As far as possible use a milk shampoo for washing your hair.

Photo Credits: Pixabay