5 Ways to add lemon to regular diet to get vitamin C

Vitamin C consumption has become important and lemon is one of the best sources

vitamin c

Consumption of vitamin C during the current era has become more relevant. Due to the coronavirus pandemic a number of people are getting infected of the virus and intake of Vitamin C is a part of the treatment process. Health experts have also recommended that consumption of Vitamin C on a daily basis is vital. Lemon is one of the major sources of vitamin C and is easily available everywhere. Here are a few ways that you can include Vitamin C in your diet.

1. Lemon Water – Whether it is winter or summer it can be consumed at any time. During winter season, it can be consumed with hot water and some honey while in summer, it can be refreshing with cold water. It not just provides vitamin C but also detoxifies the body. It is also good for the skin and digestion.

2. Good with Salads – A good squeeze of lemon in a salad can completely change the taste of it. It gives the boring salad yet healthy salad a tangy and an interesting taste. It is best for those who are trying to lose some weight.

3. Lemon tea – People who are trying to lose weight can also have lemon tea. Squeeze in a few drops of lemon juice in to black tea to give it a twist. It is a great source of vitamin C.

4. Roasted vegetables – Lemon can be sprinkled in the roasted vegetables or just in to your curry to give it an interesting taste. Apart from adding the taste, you are also increasing the consumption of Vitamin C.

5. Lemon chicken – The tangy juice goes really well with chicken. Use lemon to marinade the chicken before you give it a roast. You can also add some yogurt, salt and pepper to add some interesting taste to it. Use olive oil or butter as per your preference while roasting.

Photo Credits: Pixabay