Tips to prolong life of non-stick ware in the kitchen

Non-stick ware is expensive and need special care so their life is prolonged

non-stick ware

Non-stick pans are one of the most found kitchenware found in every house hold. One of the biggest advantage of using them is that they consume less oil while cooking. But frequent usage and scratching and washing of the non-stick ware can affect the cooking quality. Non-stick ware usually have a special coating that can easily wear off if they are not washed as per the instructions. With the help of a few tips, the life of the non-stick ware can be extended.

1. Do not use metal spoons – metal spoons fall harsh on the non-stick ware and can cause scratches and might even scratch off the surface. It is Best to use wooden spoons or a silicon spoon.

2. Do not overheat the pan – Overheating the pan or the skillet which is non-stick can take away its life. It is best to use low to medium heat as it might remove the coating and make the pan useless.

3. Do not heat the pan without oil – heating a non-stick pan on high heat without any oil or butter can affect the texture and can also result in the release of harmful toxins from the pan.

4. Do not wash a hot pan – A non-stick pan needs to be cooled down before it is washed. So make sure that the pan or the skillet has cooled down completely before you pour water on it to be washed.

5. Hand wash – While washing any non-stick ware, it is better not to use any steel wool or any kind of scrubber. Sometimes the companies provide the scrub that can be used on it. But if you want a longer life of the kitchen ware it is always better to hand wash them as it will protect the surface as well as the texture.

Non-stick ware needs to be handled with care and should not be used frequently.

Photo Credits: Pixabay