6 Foods that speeds up weight loss when added with eggs

Eggs are versatile and can be added with a number of foods that can speed up the weight loss process


Eggs are the most versatile foods that are not just healthy but also help those who are trying to lose some weight. They are rich in not just protein, but also are packed with many other nutrients like Vitamin D which is beneficial for the bone health. Egg is a super food and when it is mixed with some of the ingredients it makes it not just tastier but also helps in your weight loss process. Here are a few foods that you can mix with your egg.

1. Quino – Is known for its richness in fibre and protein that helps to reduce the hunger pangs and keeps you full for a longer time. Quino goes best with the omlette and it can be best enjoyed during the morning hours for breakfast.

2. Black beans – These are stuffed with soluble fibre that helps to lower the LDL levels which are also known as the bad cholesterol levels. It can be added to the eggs and made a salad with some cheese to go with.

3. Black pepper – Black pepper is best for those who are looking forward to reduce those inches from the waist. It also helps to reduce the bad cholesterol levels in the body. Black pepper can be added to omlettes, poaches eggs or even boiled eggs.

4. Bell pepper –Red, yellow and green bell peppers have high vitamin C content and effectively help to reduce the stored fats in the body. They taste great in a salad and also compliment well to an omlette.

5. Jalapenos – These contain capsaisin that helps to increase the body heat and then reduces the appetite. They also help to increase the body metabolism. They compliment well with the eggs and also speed up the weight loss process.

6. Tomatoes – Tomatoes is a staple in a number of cuisines and contain plenty of anti-oxidants that protect the body from free radicals. They also reduce the risk of heart problems and also prevents stroke.

Photo Credits: Pixabay