Royal Mail introduces Parcel Collect service for customers

New service by Royal Mail will allow the customer’s packages to be picked up from home

royal mail

British postal service Royal Mail has said that it is launching a new way of sending parcels. The mail delivery service mentioned about its new service through a Twitter post that mentioned it has launched a new brand which is a new parcel pick up service that will be applicable across the UK and is called as the Parcel Collect. It will allow the users to book a collection of items to be booked from the comfort of your home and at just a small fee.

Postmen and postwomen will collect the parcels and they can deliver them on their everyday round. The Royal Mail has also said that the launch of the new service is a major change to the everyday service since it had launched the post box in the year 1852. The new service has allowed a great level of convenience and also means that the online sellers as well as online shoppers will no longer have to make the extra efforts if they want to mail or return a pre-paid mail item by post.

Under the new service, the postmen and postwomen, will collect a parcel from the doors of the customers or who are nominate das a safe place at 72p per parcel and that will be in addition to the postage charges. The service can also be availed for pre-paid return items at a cost of 60p per item. Royal Mail will be able to collect up to five parcels for a single address and will be available for six days a week. People who are interested can book the service up to five days in advance and up to midnight the day before the parcel is to be picked up.

It is a great service for the senior citizen people who cannot take much efforts to step out especially during the coronavirus pandemic. The customer has to only ensure that they have already paid the correct postage to send their package.

Photo Credits: Royal Mail official Instagram account