Hyundai recalls more than 77,000 electric cars due to danger of fire

Hyundai has alleged that the batteries made by LG Chem are responsible for the number of fire incidences in the electric cars


South Korean auto giant Hyundai is preparing to recall about 77,000 of its Kona Electric cars from across the globe due to the risk of a battery fire. Meanwhile, the company has blamed LG Chem, who has supplied the batteries for the cars. The recall decision has been taken after an incident was reported where a Hyundai Kona EV car had caught fire inside a garage near Montreal in Canada. That was not just the one, but a number of more such fire incidences were reported that forced the company to pick up an investigation in to the matter.

One of the officials, who was investigating the issue has said that the company has found the problem and it was during the National Assembly Audit last week when Seo Bo-shin, the Hyundai Motor President, also in charge of the quality control said that the company has confessed about the defects in the electric vehicles. Bo-shin added that they have also found a solution for the problem but that will not be perfect.

While talking about the defect, some people are blaming the battery cells while some say that it is related to the battery pack. The investigation had found that the separator in the battery cell was damaged because of the errors in the production process. This has indicated that the LG Chem, who has made the battery cell could be the actual culprit. Even the National Forensic Service, who investigated the matter also concluded in the same way that it was due to the electric problems in the battery pack.

The battery pack installed in the Kona EV has been made by the HL Green Power that brought together LG Chem and Hyundai Mobis. Here LG produces the battery cells while Hyundai is responsible for assembling the battery packs. On the other hand LG Has denied the claims that the battery cells could have been the reason for the fire incidences.

Photo Credits: Pixabay