5 Healthy alternatives to bread in a sandwich

Bread is not healthy, but if a healthy alternative is used, then a sandwich can be made healthy


Bread is a staple for meals and sandwiches in a number of countries. But since they mostly made of refined flour, they fall hard on the digestive system and could lead to a number of problems like hyperacidity, acid reflux or sometimes even stomach pain. Such a feeling is pleasant and is also considered as processed foods which are not healthy overall. But the good news is that there are some good replacements or alternatives to bread which are not just healthy but also feels great to the palate.

1. Potatoes – Now potatoes can be high on carbohydrates but they still are the better option than bread. Not many are aware that potatoes have complex carbs and are great for those who indulge in intense workouts. Boiled potatoes, makes you feel full for a longer span and will also make you feel energetic.

2. Bell Peppers – These are healthy colors to the diet and are great companions to cheese lettuce, olives and you can also include some of your other favourite vegetables.

3. Apple – Apple has the sweetness and it can make a great replacement for bread. They are not just stuffed with carbs, but are rich in minerals and vitamins as well. They taste great with some peanut butter and some nuts. An apple can be eaten as such as well as a snack.

4. Egg plant – This might feel like a little strange, but egg plant are high on dietary fibre. Just slice them and grill them to make it a great replacement for bread. They are best eaten grilled and not raw.

5. Cucumber – Cucumber are cool in nature and have a lot of water content. They make a great snack when they are combined with some cheese, peppers, olives, tomatoes and a lot more. They add a good crunch to your sandwich and also keeps the calorie count in check.

Photo Credits: Pixabay