Foods that can lead to a severe headache

There are certain foods that can cause a headache and must be avoided


A headache can be caused due to a number of reasons. They can be really taxing and can cause anxiety and other health issues if it is ignored. There are also times when a headache can be triggered due to consumption of certain foods. So people who are vulnerable to a headache can avoid certain foods that can cause a trigger.

1. Meats with preservatives – They are also known as cured meat and certain preservatives are added to them so they have a longer shelf life. There are a few nitrates and nitrites that are usually added to hot dogs or bacon. These are nothing but chemicals which have the ability to dilate the blood vessels and cause a headache.

2. Avocados – This might seem surprising, as avocado is a fruit that is actually healthy. It is also a fact that it is also a source of tyramine that is a compound that forces the blood vessels to expand and constrict. This can cause a headache.

3. Foods that contain MSG – This is a vegetable protein that is usually used as a taste enhancer. When glutamate gets along with the free sodium of the body it becomes monosodium glutamate and this can have a number of adverse effects on the body which can include a headache or even nausea.

4. Cheese – This dairy product also contains tyramine and can cause a headache. It is always better to limit the intake.

5. Alcohol – This had to be on the list as there are many alcoholic beverages that have sulfites and can cause a headache. Even in the absence of sulfite, it can cause dehydration which can also trigger a headache.

There are also some other foods like diet beverages, gums and some of the snacks which can be termed under the processed food segment that can cause headache. It is better to have a balanced and a healthy diet along with some exercise.

Photo Credits: Pixabay